Thursday, 14 August 2014

Training Laura: The Collection

Part one featured in Complete Control

If you've a lover of BDSM and have read our Complete Control anthology then you should already be familiar with Training Laura by the wonderful Dee Voyse. Thankfully you can now get your hands on part one and part two in this fabulous little collection for only 99p / $1.67.

The Training Laura collection is a two-part story in which a young woman, who serves as slave to her master and mistress, goes through the trials of an period of slave training in order to earn herself the special reward of being served up to her master and mistress for use in front of the crowd of a public club.

    Laura hustled down stairs, still barefoot and naked – as she was allowed neither shoes nor clothes when at home save for extenuating circumstances – and listened to the jingle of her collar as she took each step down. She hurried to the kitchen, flipped on the lights, and began opening cabinets and grabbing items from the fridge. Her penchant for gourmet cookery came second only to her skills as a slut and she continuously strived to improve upon both very helpful and special skills every day that she spent in Dianne and Martin's home as their slave. She worked her fingers to the bone, nearly slicing off a fingertip in an effort to more efficiently chop the extra ripe banana with which she was planning to adorn the heaping stack of pancakes she'd cooked up. Along with the pancakes, there was crispy, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and a bowlful of scrambled eggs that she knew would please her master and mistress very much. They came downstairs to the fragrant scent of a heartfelt and sincerely prepared breakfast wearing casual clothing and smiling as their slave knelt in front of the dining room table palms on her knees, facing up, and smiling back at them.
    “Sir and ma'am, breakfast is served,” she said proudly.
    “Very good, girl,” said Dianne, “And what have you prepared for yourself?”
    Laura gestured to the bowl in the corner of the room, which sat on a small mat and contained a slightly lesser version of the breakfast she'd so painstakingly taken care to make.
    “Peanut butter oatmeal with sliced bananas, ma'am,” she said.
    Martin and Dianne sat down at the table and dug in to their delicious meal.
    Through a mouthful of crunched up bacon, Martin murmured, “You may now go eat,” to Laura who diligently crawled over to her bowl and slowly consumed the sweet mush she had prepared for herself. The three ate and Martin and Dianne made small talk while Laura listened intently and tried to keep her face as clean as possible while she ate, a task made difficult by the additional restriction of the use of utensils that had been placed on her as part of her contract of servitude.
    “So tell me, girl: what are you most looking forward to about our weekend?” asked Martin with a raised eyebrow.
    Laura looked up from her bowl and wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand.
    “The opportunity to improve my service to you and ma'am, Sir,” she replied.
    “Very good girl,” said Dianne, “Now that our meal is finished, you are to clean the dishes and then meet us in the living room. Is that understood?”

Other Titles by Dee Voyse

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Landing Strip

Five hot tales of mile high sex

Out now!

Including a bonus story in which the plane might be grounded but the passions certainly isn't!

Pen Pals by Erin Pim
A woman struggles with monogamy in a job that constantly keeps her away from her boyfriend. At the peak of her loneliness, she receives his permission to engage in a cyber pen pal relationship while she's away with work. Her mood is so much improved, that her boyfriend encourages her to sleep with her pen pal, if the opportunity arises. The cyber sweethearts' first meeting ensues when they coincidentally end up on the same flight.

Coffee, Tea or Him by Megan Hussey

As a veteran pilot, Capt. Stella Marin finds nothing more thrilling than the experience of flight; that is until she meets Joshua Pike, a gorgeous young flight attendant who stops at nothing to entice and seduce her. Soon the two are enjoying an affair that flies them to new heights of ecstasy.

The Jet Set Life by Megan Morgan
The rockstar life can be such a drag-especially when your job is to take care of one who needs a babysitter at all times. The only thing that makes personal assistant Mikael Dandridge eager to fly all over the country is Sasha Blake, the sexy flight attendant on his rockstar employer’s private jet. Sasha has a passion for service, but also for being served. Mikael gives her some first class treatment and gets to be the one indulging in decadence for a change.

Straight Up by H.L. Lola
Nick took a chance asking for her name and it paid off.
Mia took a chance losing her inhibitions and she got off.
After two strangers part from a night of passion on a tropical vacation, they thought the fun in the sun was over.
High above the ground, but seated apart, Nick and Mia would find a way to join each other again for some action in the sky.

The Metre High Club by Anna Sky

A 1940s re-enactment event was far more interesting than Katie thought it was going to be. Originally joining her boyfriend Jack to keep him company, she discovered Lindy-hop, lemonade and low-level aircraft activities.

The Jet Set Life by Megan Morgan

She turned her head and smiled sweetly over her shoulder. "I said fuck me."
"I thought we weren't doing this anymore," he mocked, and gave her succulent ass a squeeze.
In response, she pushed back against his crotch. "That’s before I was bent over my employer's bathroom sink on his big, fancy jet."
"I doubt he's ever even been in here, unless it was to do what we're getting up to right now." Mikael grabbed the hem of her knee-length skirt and yanked it up over her hips, immediately revealing bare, creamy cheeks dotted with pink spots from his fingertips.
"Going bare now?" he inquired. He was disappointed, having hoped for a nice pair of red panties to match her bra, something he could pull down with his teeth.
"It's very freeing," she said, with a lightness that implied it was actually for easy access and she knew he would fall into her trap.

He leaned over and nuzzled his face down the satiny slope of her lower back.
"Do you know what I’m going to do to you?" he asked. He slid his tongue out and traced a line downward, following the ridge of her spine and stopping above the cleft of her ass. She tasted salty and smelled of rose soap.
"Tell me." Sasha arched her back. "Spare no detail."

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Snatched by Ashley Hind

BDSM. Lesbian.

Packed for a surprise holiday, young wife Leah is instead abducted and taken to a remote farmhouse deep in the countryside. She is held by a farmer who wants her for ransom, and his domineering, sinfully buxom wife, who wants her for her own personal pleasures.

Twin sisters oversee her - April, a sexual sadist, and May, the most beautiful girl Leah has ever set eyes on. With the thrashings and degradation heaped upon her, amongst the threats of punishments far worse than she could ever imagine, Leah still loses her heart and is left torn between hoping for rescue and relishing her new life.

Her husband could save the day if he can raise the ransom money - but he is far more involved in the plot than she knows.


The vulgarity shocked Leah into immediate action, her absolute need to obey at least masking the guilt at her desire to get her hands down to where the throb was quickly becoming too insistent to ignore. Humility still meant she was unable to do any more than sponge tentatively at her soft mound, but she knew she wasn’t far from losing her head in her mounting excitement. Her voyeur had no such reticence, plunging two fingers inside her wet sex and noisily frigging herself, lifting her hips and thrusting them forward so that she could be better seen, pulling out the slickened digits at intervals to suck off all those slick juices. Leah watched, almost desperate to be ordered to copy her captor, the sponge still pressed chastely into her crotch but nowhere near enough to give her body what it was crying out for.
‘Spread yourself for me,’ came the next gruff instruction, with April flush-cheeked and looking manic again.‘Use your fingers to hold your filthy c--- open so I can see.’
Leah could feel the shame burning her cheeks but still she dropped the sponge immediately, thankful at the chance to touch herself, however rude she would look in doing it. She pressed the fleshy heal of her thumb to the throb and then used her first two fingers to ease herself apart. The stream of water ran down, tickling and teasing inside the petal lips of her labia now stretched and exposed. Her knees weakened but it was still nowhere near what she needed, and cruel April was bucking against fingers knuckle deep to show Leah exactly what she was missing.
‘Spray the shower up your c---,’ April commanded. Leah didn’t care how desperate she looked in obeying so quickly. She barely cared to ensure she didn’t drench the whole room as she unhitched the shower head from its housing and pointed it between her legs. She spread herself as wide as she could and moved her thumb away, to leave her aching clit exposed. The hot fizz made her gasp. It was almost painful, so sensitive did she feel there. The spray went inside, tingling within her. She was well versed in this method of stimulation but she knew that it wouldn’t be enough on its own to bring her to a finish. Other things would be needed, and in that she was in her captor’s hands.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Vales & Vixens out now!

Valves & Vixens is erotic romance that mixes both the escapism and fantasy of steampunk with the Victorian style. Many writers have worked in the genre of steampunk from Jules Verne all the way to H.G.Wells and with this book the genre gets a good warming up. The stories within reflect a wide mix of backgrounds and settings all linked by the presence of steam at their heart. With a multitude of pairings and heat levels there really is something for everyone.

Foreword by Professor Elemental
Introduction by Nicole Gestalt

Coming Aboard the Greatest of Great Ships by Jim Lee
The Waiting Future by Crysta K. Coburn
The Musica by  J. T. Seate
Boson's Mate by Nikko Lee
Les Lettres Dangereuses by V.C.
Dr. Williams' Discovery – The Curious Truth by Zak Jane Keir
On Gossamer Wings by Blair Erotica
One Cheek or Two? by Regina Kammer
Captain Barnabus by Nicole Gestalt

About the Authors

Les Lettres Dangereuses

By V.C.
Chapter 1.

Edinburgh, Scotland. 5 September 1847

Dear Marquise Francis Blake,

I type to you on this aged bronze typewriter that once belonged to your late husband who was once my Master. Not out of disrespect for you, or out of your disrespect for him, but because a heart such as mine needs expression, and the best way of doing that is on this invention. My expression is as aged as this, and yet it’s as new as all the clockwork gadgets and steam powered boats and spaceships of this current technological age that our times has been blessed with. I’m tempted to type fast, for my heart, how fast it beats for you. And yet, how slowly I type, because I am like steam. Hot. Contained in a tiny place---my conscious---about ready to burst out from its confines. Not wanting to be locked anymore. Like steam, I’m blasted tired of being held in.
I want to be free. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Black and White Movies

Vanessa de Sade 
Explores Voyeurism In Her New Release
Black and White Movies

Available to purchase on Kindle - Coming soon to other major online retailers

Kindle UK  £1.99
Kindle US $3.34

Black and White Movies is a penetrating study into the erotic frissons of voyeurism and is told over ten very different tales of observed and unconventional sex.

A wealthy businessman is invited to a mutual masturbation session by his colleague; two straight girls audition for roles in a lesbian sex movie; a woman gets a shock after spying on a stranger who emerges from the sea only to pleasure himself on the rocks; a washed-up photographer is given a second chance when asked to photograph some rather naked male models; a farmer's wife has her latent desires awakened after inadvertently spotting young soldiers bathing in the nude and two girls meet at a 1960s holiday camp and become involved in a secret sex show in a derelict jazz ballroom.

Check out Vanessa's chat with fellow erotic author, Victoria Blisse

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Secret Intimacies

Martha McKinley's Debut Novel with House of Erotica

A collection of six stories for you to experience the breadth of real-world people and their most intimate secrets: from a woman who gets down to a man who can’t get up: from a well-meaning yet anxious guy to a sweet but insensitive girl: from a clueless bloke to an endearing lass. The resulting narratives provide characters you can love, situations that become so messy that you can’t help but laugh, and sexual escapades that make you wish for some for yourself. 

Available now on Kindle - Coming soon to other major online retailers

So, whats hidden inside?...

"... I got something to tell you..."

Why shouldn’t I worry? This probably changes things. No. It definitely changes things! Every thing. I had sex with Bart, a married man. Get it, you rash brain. I’m a married woman who just had sex with another woman’s husband. And not simply another woman, but one of my friends. What was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn’t.
I glanced over at Robbie, driving us home, tapping on the steering wheel and belting out the words to Billie Joel’s Only the Good Die Young coming over the radio. “You Catholic girls start much too late...”
The irony of it all. I was one of them: a graduate eight years ago of St. Margaret’s Academy, an all girls’ high school run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. In my four years there, I had had negligible experience with boys--just a handful of dances in the gym at the neighboring Catholic boys’ school. I never had a boyfriend. I was never even confident enough in myself to flirt, for I never found the girl looking back at me in the mirror to be anything but plain.
In college, no one had even asked me out until my junior year when Robbie did. I was so flummoxed, so flattered, so sure it must be a charity act that I spent the next two years at Macalester in perpetual gratitude, satisfying his every need. And right after graduation, with a BFA in painting, Miss flat chested and shy, but virgin no more Mary Johnson married Mister handsome, self-assured, going places Robbie Dwyer.
“I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints...” he sang, glancing over at me, suggestively.
Did he do it, too? Did he have sex with Robyn in the hot tub after Bart and I got out? It was entirely possible. In the four years since we were married, he had confessed to at least a half dozen women who turned him on...