Friday, 25 July 2014

Snatched by Ashley Hind

BDSM. Lesbian.

Packed for a surprise holiday, young wife Leah is instead abducted and taken to a remote farmhouse deep in the countryside. She is held by a farmer who wants her for ransom, and his domineering, sinfully buxom wife, who wants her for her own personal pleasures.

Twin sisters oversee her - April, a sexual sadist, and May, the most beautiful girl Leah has ever set eyes on. With the thrashings and degradation heaped upon her, amongst the threats of punishments far worse than she could ever imagine, Leah still loses her heart and is left torn between hoping for rescue and relishing her new life.

Her husband could save the day if he can raise the ransom money - but he is far more involved in the plot than she knows.


The vulgarity shocked Leah into immediate action, her absolute need to obey at least masking the guilt at her desire to get her hands down to where the throb was quickly becoming too insistent to ignore. Humility still meant she was unable to do any more than sponge tentatively at her soft mound, but she knew she wasn’t far from losing her head in her mounting excitement. Her voyeur had no such reticence, plunging two fingers inside her wet sex and noisily frigging herself, lifting her hips and thrusting them forward so that she could be better seen, pulling out the slickened digits at intervals to suck off all those slick juices. Leah watched, almost desperate to be ordered to copy her captor, the sponge still pressed chastely into her crotch but nowhere near enough to give her body what it was crying out for.
‘Spread yourself for me,’ came the next gruff instruction, with April flush-cheeked and looking manic again.‘Use your fingers to hold your filthy c--- open so I can see.’
Leah could feel the shame burning her cheeks but still she dropped the sponge immediately, thankful at the chance to touch herself, however rude she would look in doing it. She pressed the fleshy heal of her thumb to the throb and then used her first two fingers to ease herself apart. The stream of water ran down, tickling and teasing inside the petal lips of her labia now stretched and exposed. Her knees weakened but it was still nowhere near what she needed, and cruel April was bucking against fingers knuckle deep to show Leah exactly what she was missing.
‘Spray the shower up your c---,’ April commanded. Leah didn’t care how desperate she looked in obeying so quickly. She barely cared to ensure she didn’t drench the whole room as she unhitched the shower head from its housing and pointed it between her legs. She spread herself as wide as she could and moved her thumb away, to leave her aching clit exposed. The hot fizz made her gasp. It was almost painful, so sensitive did she feel there. The spray went inside, tingling within her. She was well versed in this method of stimulation but she knew that it wouldn’t be enough on its own to bring her to a finish. Other things would be needed, and in that she was in her captor’s hands.

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